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Dr. Hill is proud to accept the following insurance plans:

  • Medicaid (Health First Colorado/CCHA/CoAccess)*
  • Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)
  • Kaiser Permanente (Beacon Health Options)
  • Tricare (HNFS/MHN)

*Health First Colorado/Medicaid Members:
There are no co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses for using Health First Colorado benefits for covered services. If you are not sure if you are covered by Health First Colorado, Dr. Hill can help you verify your benefits.



Initial 20-minute phone consultationNo charge
Initial 75-minute intake session$150
Individual counseling$150 per 55-minute session
Group counseling$80 per 55-minute session



Consultation/coaching with parents$150 per 55-minute session
Phone consultation on client's behalf$12.50 per 5-minute interval
Off-site consultations$150 per 55-minute session (plus travel costs)
Off-site meetings$155 per 60-minute hour (plus travel costs)


Other Fees

Phone calls with client/guardianNo charge for phone calls lasting up to 10 minutes; $15 for each 5-minute interval thereafter
Copies of records/paperwork1 copy of outcome paperwork (reports) is provided at the conclusion of the service at no charge;
Fees for additional copies and all other record requests include postage, time/labor (billed at $12.50 per 5-minute interval) and supplies/materials ($0.10 per single-sided page)
Travel costsIncludes travel time to/from off-site locations (billed at $12.50 per 5-minute interval) and mileage to/from off-site locations (based on the IRS Standard Mileage Rates, currently $0.58/mile)
Court/legal proceedings$350 per 60-minute hour (plus travel costs)
**4-hr minimum**


(All rates and fees are subject to change.)

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